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When you start construction of your home, the home’s foundation checking might not be the first thing that comes into your mind but obviously, it is the foremost thing. If the home’s foundation is not strong enough, it will lead to severe damages in the future that you will have to bear the hefty home foundation repair cost. The hiring of incompetent foundation repair personnel will do more harm than good. Therefore, the hiring of a professional foundation repair company is crucial at this point. Lotus Leaks and Roof Restorations use various skills to provide advanced foundation repair services. Our concrete foundation repair experts are dedicated to providing long-lasting and durable repair services to Plano TX, Rockwall TX, Fortworth TX, and Frisco TX. We know different methods of house foundation repair so we first examine your foundation damage and recommend you the best and the most affordable one. Our trained and knowledgeable personnel will provide you with the outstanding foundation repair experience that you would love to build a long-term customer service relationship with us.
Foundation repair and Installation services

Local Concrete Foundation Contractors

In some areas, the continuously changing soil conditions lead to foundation issues. When the clay absorbs water it expands and when it loses water, it contracts. While building a new home, you should hire professional foundation fixers that make the commercial quality foundation of your home. Otherwise, you will have to spend the cost of foundation replacement and fix.
In case, your foundation has settled down or cracked, choose the best foundation repair company so that you don’t have to spend money on any further repair for years come. Lotus Leaks and Roof Restoration has the best foundation repair contractors in the town. They use effective strategies for foundation repair to reduce the long-term foundation damage in the future hence reducing the foundation repair cost. We use commercially approved foundation repair strategies.


A difficult issue, foundation repair calls for specific knowledge, methods, tools, and supplies. A structure may be impacted by a foundation collapse in many different ways. No matter how specific the issue, Lotus Roof Restoration provides a wide range of foundation repair services to give answers. The techniques used by Lotus Roof Restoration are designed and tested to meet the highest standards in the sector. The foundation system used by Lotus Roof Restoration has passed independent testing and is approved. We can take on almost any foundation restoration job because to the broad applicability of our products. In case, your foundation has settled down or cracked, choose the best foundation repair company so that you don’t have to spend money on any further repair for years come.


We provide full-scale residential, commercial and industrial roofing services as well as contaract services. Schedule A Free Roof Inspection by one of our  Roofing Experts today!


Masonry patches or sealants may be used to repair small cracks and fractures. It is vital that you leave your foundation to an expert, especially a contractor with a license, in order to accurately analyze its state and take the right action to restore its structural integrity. Your foundation repair requirements may be assessed by the highly qualified specialists at Lotus Roof Restoration, who can also evaluate which repair approach would be most appropriate.

Foundation repair and Installation
Foundation repair and Installation

House Foundation Repair and Fixers

The indicators of a weak foundation may be seen all throughout your structure. You may avoid severe and expensive repairs in the future by keeping an eye out for these indicators and taking action right now. Our knowledgeable house and home foundation repair fixers can take care of all your foundation repair requirements and precisely determine the extent of the damage at a right cost. To arrange an examination of your house, get in touch with Lotus Roof Restoration right now.