Foundation Repair

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Foundation Repair

A distressed foundation manifests itself in several signs throughout your building. Keeping an eye out for these signs and taking the necessary steps immediately can spare you extensive and costly repairs in the future. Our skilled technicians can accurately assess the scope of the damages and take care of all your foundation repair needs. Contact Lotus Roof Restoration now to schedule an inspection of your property.

Quality Foundation Repair Services in Plano TX

Minor cracks and fractures can be treated using sealants or masonry patches. To properly assess the condition of your foundation and take the correct step to restore its structural integrity, it is crucial that you entrust it to a specialist, specifically, a contractor with a license. The highly trained professionals at Lotus Roof Restoration can conduct an inspection and determine which repair method would be best suited for your foundation repair needs.


We provide full-scale residential, commercial and industrial roofing services as well as contaract services. Schedule A Free Roof Inspection by one of our  Roofing Experts today!

Best Foundation Repair Solution For You

Foundation repair is a complex problem that requires specialized training, techniques, systems, and products. Foundation failure can affect a structure in a variety of ways. Lotus Roof Restoration offers numerous foundation repair services to provide solutions no matter how unique the problem. Lotus Roof Restoration’s methods are engineered and tested to perform at the highest industry standards. Lotus Roof Restoration’s foundation system has been third-party tested and is certified. The wide range of applications of our systems allows us to take on virtually any foundation repair project.