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Fencing services

When it comes to curb appeal, a well-designed fence can add beauty to your home while adding value to your property. If you have an outdoor pool, fencing also provides the needed safety for your family as well as your neighbors’ families. We can help with a solution that fits your budget. We can repair or rebuild an existing fence so that it is secure and adds to the safety and beauty of your home. Types of fencing that we have worked with include wood, chain-link, PVC, and ornamental. Whether you have a small or large project, as leaders in the industry, we will be happy to work with you to address your fencing needs.

Quality and Expertise

Our fence products are high quality, and our team of trained and experienced builders and installers provide quick turnaround times as well as professionalism. We strive to accommodate your needs with the utmost care and experience. Lotus Roof Restoration provides free estimates; you can contact us online or call us. Whether your needs are for commercial, residential, or access gates for a facility or business, we can help you repair, rebuild or find a custom fencing solution.


We provide full-scale residential, commercial and industrial roofing services as well as contaract services. Schedule A Free Roof Inspection by one of our  Roofing Experts today!

Top-Quality Fences For Your Home and Business

We are your go-to fencing service in the Texas area. We provide superior service so that residents and businesses of our beautiful Plano area will be secure and safe, knowing their fence is installed and built with high-quality professionalism. We can help you with all your residential or commercial fencing needs. We install the best fences in Plano TX!

Our clients demand the best fencing solutions keep their staff, property, tenants, and customers happy and safe. Whether your business is contemplating a small project or debating enclosing your entire commercial property with one of our fencing systems. Our customers enjoy the comfort and security that a fence by Lotus Roof Restoration provides.