Commercial Painting

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Commercial Painting

The appearance of a business is an important factor to clients, customers, and employees. If the building looks dirty or poorly maintained, it will negatively affect the impression that people have of it. Part of that ongoing maintenance includes applying a fresh coat of paint when necessary.

Lotus Roof Restoration has years of commercial painting experience and hundreds of references in every industry. Our professional commercial painting services include interior painting, exterior painting, power washing, color consulting, and more. We have executed high-quality work for a multitude of commercial industries such as office buildings, retail stores, condominium complexes, houses of worship, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, parking garages, and much more.

Expert Commercial Painting Services

Our scope and expertise within the commercial painting space are vast. We also have a proven operational system that allows us to get the right manpower on your job when you need it, whether that is the day, night, weekends, holidays, or tomorrow morning, should an emergency arise. As one of the largest commercial painters in Plano TX, we pride ourselves on our ability to start and complete large painting projects in a short period.


We provide full-scale residential, commercial and industrial roofing services as well as contaract services. Schedule A Free Roof Inspection by one of our  Roofing Experts today!

Commercial Painting Services Near You

When it is time to paint your business, choose the right commercial painting contractor who can handle the specific needs and safety requirements of the job. Our singular focus on delivering exemplary work to all of our clients has allowed us to build a level of expertise unmatched in the industry.

We’ve created a renowned name for choosing a qualified commercial painting contractor. If you’re not sure whether you need commercial painting services for your business, we are here to help. Give us a call and we will create a quote for you based on the right type of service for your business.